Technical Support (m/w/d)

Job description

People at Recare build software to facilitate hospitals transfers: about 30% of patients need a solution to be organised after a hospital stay. That could mean receiving care at home, moving to a care home or recovering at a rehabilitation clinic for instance. 


Finding a spot is a complex task because the market is under a lot of pressure - most providers are at 95%+ capacity. Our technology uses a mix of matching theory and machine learning to let patients find a tailored solution to their needs.


Since we launched the product in January 2017 it's been going super well! We are currently connecting 50+ hospitals to 5000 care providers across Germany - we help hundreds of patients every week. We believe that with the right people, one can do much more with less - we're a small team but we deliver a lot. That's why we are looking for someone entrepreneurial that would share those values with us, someone that aims at being autonomous and bring a lot to our team.

We're looking for the first member of the technical support! In this position, you will be the interface between customers, internal operations and the developers.

Troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution

- Work with operation teams to identify and qualify bugs before the tech team takes over.

- Create step-by-step troubleshooting processes to identify common issues. 

- Create technical documentation to improve the resolution time of issues

- Define a process to keep all parties up-to-date (operations, developers, customers) using various tools

- Create escalation processes for production incidents.

- Lead post-mortem meetings after production incidents and define measures so that problems don't happen again.

Since we are still a small team, we rely on a lot of automatic tools to monitor our platform. If that's something that interests you, you could also, in collaboration with developers, create dashboards to have an overview of the various part of our platform. (Backend, frontend, mail service for instance). We are using Mixpanel and Datadog and actively looking at a Browser Real-time User monitoring solution.

We're expecting considerable growth in the following months so it could also be an opportunity to get into a management position in a not-so-far future.


This is a challenging role that requires a combination of soft skills and hard skills. We're looking for motivated, ambitious and smart candidates.

Soft skills

- Speaking german is a big plus as it would allow you to deal directly with customers.

- It’s important that you can communicate clearly and concisely, using language that doesn’t make users feel more frustrated or talked down to.
- During production incidents, you might have to work under a high degree of pressure, dealing with users that are already frustrated that their systems are malfunctioning. Technical support requires a high level of patience and people skills.

Technical knowledge

Being familiar with these domains is a plus:

  • How HTTP works
  • Chrome developer tools
  • SQL
  • CRMs
  • Using monitoring software
  • Enterprise hardware expertise

We'll prefer candidates with proven experience regarding troubleshooting and diagnosing problems, but we also believe that anyone smart and serious could fulfil the position.