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Platform / DevOps Engineer (Go / Kubernetes)

Germany, Berlin, BerlinEngineering

Job description

RECARE is one of the leading digital startups in the German healthcare industry and has set itself the task of rethinking healthcare with a platform for digital care coordination. We search, find and coordinate capacities so that the healthcare actors have more time for their patients.

Within a very short time, Recare was able to gather more than 570 acute and rehabilitation clinics as well as over 14,600 other service providers on its digital platform. Renowned hospitals and hospital groups such as Vivantes, Sana Kliniken AG, München Klinik, Hannover Medical School and Essen University Hospital are among Recare's customers and use the innovative Recare platform, as well as major health insurances such as TK and Barmer.

An example

When patients need to go to a rehabilitation clinic after a hospital stay, hospital staff currently need to:

  • fax (yes, fax...) two forms to the patient's health insurance to ask whether the patient is eligible for rehabilitation
  • find an available rehabilitation clinic offering the services what the patient needs (generally done over the phone).

With our solution, hospital staff simply need to import all the relevant in our platform using a software integration. They can communicate in a secure way (end-to-end encryption) with the patient's health insurance - which also uses our platform instead of waiting for a fax. A search is started to find a relevant spot in our network of rehabilitation clinics. Patient data and files are transparently and securely exchanged with the relevant parties along the way.
This is just an example for rehabilitation, but we also cove care, transport, medical supplies and hospital transfers. Our product combines a SaaS and a marketplace to automate time-intensive tasks, and let hospital staff focus on their patients rather than processes.

Tech stack

  • Backend code. We're a Go shop. We are big fans of the limitations of the language that enables everyone to write similar code, without the stress of code style debates. 
  • Infrastructure. We try to keep simple architecture which is cloud provider agnostic - a set of web servers running in orchestrated containers, a managed PostgreSQL database and a managed redis cache. We have a hybrid cloud setup - our german infra is hosted on T-Systems and our french infra is still on AWS but we plan to migrate to a french provider for legal concerns. 
  • Monitoring. We have tried a lot of solutions but decided to go all-in with Datadog (metrics, logs, security, and tracing through APM).
  • CI. We use CircleCI to validate and deploy our code
  • Frontend code.  Our frontend apps are built in React and React Native. We use GraphQL to communicate between the apps and the backend

Some projects you'll work on:

Hybrid cloud migration

We are currently in the process of migrating to a hybrid, multi cloud infrastructure for legal reasons - we will need to have one local cloud provider in each country we operate (France and Germany). We have picked open source technologies (Terraform / Kubernetes / OpenStack) for ease of migration.

Continuous integration and deployment

  • Automatically flag commits which introduced regressions
  • Automate the deployment of our Embedded Analytics solution (Quicksight)
  • Automate the deployment and release of native applications

Access management

  • Remove all password authentication to connect to servers (SSO for devs)
  • Automatically rotate any server credentials accesses
  • Provide the right access roles for any user


  • Work on the clients for our cache / databases (golang)
  • Implement & use tracing over our platform


  • Setup application security monitoring & WAF access control 
  • Conformity to our ISO 27001 certification

Alert management

  • we want to sleep at night and on weekends (and currently doing so) - for that reason, we believe in automation. The idea is to build and use tools that do the work for us, and notify us when something goes south - it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it's better to be prepared.

You will work primarily with the CTO (who is currently doing most devops & security tasks) and the dev team.

Job requirements

Your Profile

  • You have some experience as a Software Engineer, preferably with a CS degree
  • Prior experience in Go is not required as it's so easy to learn the language, but of course it's a big plus, same goes with typed languages.


  • We are a team of 65 international employees (German, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, France, Japan, UK, Ireland).
  • The tech team is currently composed of 12 devs.
  • Our financing is secured - we've just concluded a smaller round. You won't be fired after 3 months because the company ran out of money.



  • We've a large open space in Moabit and are planning to move to a more central location.
  • Every employee gets an UrbanSport ( subscription for free
  • 50€ monthly RYDES mobility package 
  • 30% of the company is not-Berlin based remote so it is also an option - we currently offer contracts for Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Poland.

We currently offer contracts for Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Poland. We don't support relocations.

If you feel like it could be a great environment for you, I am looking forward having a chat with you!

Charles - CTO of Recare