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Head of Product (DE)

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Job description

RECARE is one of the leading digital startups in the German healthcare industry and has set itself the task of rethinking healthcare with a platform for digital care coordination. We search, find and coordinate capacities so that the healthcare actors have more time for their patients.

Within a very short time, Recare was able to gather more than 620 acute and rehabilitation clinics as well as over 15,000 other service providers on its digital platform. Renowned hospitals and hospital groups such as Vivantes, Sana Kliniken AG, München Klinik, Hannover Medical School and Essen University Hospital are among Recare's customers and use the innovative Recare platform, as well as major health insurances such as TK and Barmer.

An example

When patients need to go to a rehabilitation clinic after a hospital stay, hospital staff currently need to:

  • fax (yes, fax...) two forms to the patient's health insurance to ask whether the patient is eligible for rehabilitation

  • find an available rehabilitation clinic offering the services what the patient needs (generally done over the phone).

With our solution, hospital staff simply need to import all the relevant information in our platform using a software integration. They can communicate in a secure way (end-to-end encryption) with the patient's health insurance - which also uses our platform instead of waiting for a fax. A search is started to find a relevant spot in our network of rehabilitation clinics. Patient data and files are transparently and securely exchanged with the relevant parties along the way.

This is just an example for rehabilitation, but we also cover care, transport, medical supplies and hospital transfers. Our product combines a SaaS and a marketplace to automate time-intensive tasks, and let hospital staff focus on their patients rather than processes.

Our product grows more and more in complexity as:

  • we support new verticals (transport, medical supplies) which require to tweak several aspects of the search

  • We internationalize - our first adventures in France showed that we could not entirely replicate what we had built in Germany

  • We integrate with other healthcare information systems - the healthcare ecosystem is closed by default and our end-to-end encryption technology makes integrations non-trivial.

  • We are talking with government instances and are having more and more interfaces with government health insurances and similar players


  • Define the product vision and strategy in collaboration with the leadership team

  • Lead the product team: Make sure that every member of the product team has a clear understanding of their goals, with clearly defined targets.

  • Focus on continuous customer delivery. You decide what to build now, and whatnot.

  • Define and refine our KPIs to ensure the product evolves in the right direction, and actually helps users.

  • Define and centralize product feedback pipelines in collaboration with the operations teams

Job requirements

Your profile:

  • Proven track record as a product manager in a complex environment

  • Solid analytical skills. You privilege numbers and facts to intuition when you make decisions.

  • Experience with technical systems and an interest for technical topics - our product is based on end-to-end encryption and we are working towards technical integrations with the major healthcare actors of Germany.

  • As the german healthcare landscape is, let's say, a tad complex, being a native German is a big plus

  • Experience in the healthcare sector is also a nice plus 

About the team:

The product team consists of two product managers, one designer, one UX Researcher and one BI. All PMs and UX Research are german speakers.

Our dev team has 12 developers.

Most of the rest of the company works in operations - we are a marketplace and need a significant workforce to onboard the healthcare facilities.

We also started a french subsidiary a year ago, with a headcount of 4 employees as of today.


  • We are a team of 65 international employees (German, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, France, Japan, UK, Ireland).

  • The tech team is currently composed of 8 devs - 4 frontend, 3 backend and the CTO.

  • Our financing is secured.


  • We've a large open space in Moabit (
    It's very well connected - S3/S5/S7/S9, 40 min from BER, 10 min to Hauptbahnof

  • We are currently on a 20% in-office, 80% remote mode - we use the office time mostly to sync and exchange with the team. We're also find with fully-remote employees based in EU.

  • Every employee gets an UrbanSport ( subscription for free

  • Every employee gets a monthly mobility budget by RYDES

If you like to be part of this growing company in the healthcare industry, apply now!

We look forward to getting to know you personally.